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Chelsea, London

Footopia… a utopia for feet

A fusion of medical footcare treatments with cosmetically based pedicures, Footopia leads the way within the industry so that your feet will be stepping forward… feeling fabulous… and looking picture perfect. All of this would not be complete without well-groomed hands to match, and now, in a larger location in the heart of Chelsea, Footopia has introduced a wider range of beauty services to complete your grooming regime.

Our Services


Medical pedicure  |  Hard skin (Callus)
Corns  |  Cracked heels  |  Ingrowing nails  |  Heel pain
Plantar Fasciitis (Pain in the arch of the foot)
Metatarsalgia (Pain in the ball of the foot)
Shin splints  |  Painful bunions
Flat feet / collapsed arches (Pronation)
Advice on fungal infections of the skin & nail


The Original “Medi-Pedi” Treatment
Luxury / Treatment Pedicure
Express Pedicure
Footopia Pedicure
Toe Revarnish  |  French Polish
Foot Massage


Luxury / Treatment Manicures
Footopia Manicure
Express Manicure
Hand Revarnish
French Polish


Eyelash Tinting
Eyebrow Tinting

Google Reviews

Jazzy AH
Jazzy AH
5 April 2024
I pleasantly stumbled upon Footopia in 2021, mid covid. I have not gone ANYWHERE ELSE since. Dipesh, the podiatrist, is a person I cannot LIVE without! I’ve had ingrowns my entire life and have been through soooo many podiatrists in several countries that have made my situation so much worse. Dipesh has undeniably made my life better. He exudes confidence, delicacy, and precision in his work, which rightfully so, makes the whole painful process of having ingrowns a little less traumatic and leaves you extremely reassured in his craft. I genuinely could not recommend him or his business, Footopia, enough.
Ashleigh Villani
Ashleigh Villani
16 February 2023
Amazing treatment and service by Mr Dipesh Raja. Professional, friendly and informative. I would highly recommend. Thanks!
Simon Burgoyne
Simon Burgoyne
15 February 2022
Outstanding in every aspect - I have been a client for many years and find the team here first class in everyway. Friendly and extremely knowledgeable.
Al Sadik
Al Sadik
8 October 2021
My daughter recommended that go to this clinic in Chelsea and sort out my feet as I get hard skin at the bottom of my feet which cause me pain at times. Yesterday was my 2nd visit. My feet look and feel great. I am absolutely satisfied with the outcome. Many thanks to Dipesh (the specialist) - very professional. Excellent service! Well recommended!
Lucy Holliday
Lucy Holliday
22 July 2021
Amazing service, my mother travels all the way from the North of England especially to come to Footopia! Couldn't reccomend it more!
9 June 2021
Best personal care!
Ronald Wootton
Ronald Wootton
17 October 2020
Excellent. Very Polite people
Tosca Tossoun
Tosca Tossoun
11 December 2018
Professional, Polite , welcoming

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